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Hike. Travel. Date. Safely.

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Link makes looking out for each other easier and better.

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the words text me when you get there.

We’ve all got things we do on our own—like hiking, traveling, running errands, or meeting someone new. Link let’s people know we’re safe while we do them.


Better than Find My iPhone

Link offers increased safety, privacy, and continuous location updates, while also enabling trusted users to share precise location data with authorities if needed.

More safety, more privacy

Link lets you choose who can see your location and when they can see it.

Link tells the whole story

Your location is recorded every two minutes and shared with your trusted user

Link does the “checking in” for you

Link notifies your trusted user as soon as you start sharing and keeps them updated as long as you are sharing your location.

Export location data to the police

If something goes wrong your trusted user can share your exact location data with the authorities.

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Features you’ll love

Link gives you safety options other apps don’t.

Link up with dates

Send a link request before your date. Once you meet, your date’s profile and both of your locations are shared with your Link BFF.

Broadcast your location

You don’t have to Link with anyone to share your location. Broadcast your location to let your Link BFF see your current location and location history.

Instant invitation

Send invitations to download Link for free to your Link BFF and Link dates.

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Share your Link Story

Link shares and stores your location every two minutes, not just your current location. Your Link BFF can see your location history from the time you started sharing.

Instant location history for authorities

Unlike other tracking apps, Link allows your Link BFF to instantly share your location history with the police if something doesn’t go as planned.

Assisted UnLinking

If your date forgets to accept your UnLink request, your Link BFF can confirm you’re safe and UnLink for you!

Pick your plan

Choose the right plan for your needs.



  Invite one Link BFF

  Accept unlimited Link requests

  Broadcast your location

  Instantly share Link data with authorities

✕  Send unlimited Link requests

✕  Link data never expires

✕  Ad Free

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  Invite one Link BFF

  Accept unlimited Link requests

  Broadcast your location

  Instantly share Link data with authorities

  Send unlimited Link requests

  Link data never expires

  Ad Free

Easy to use

Link records your location every 2 minutes and shows your entire story to your Link BFF.

Broadcast your location when on a date or on an adventure.

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